Mapoi, Epoi at Caloi

We are not just Ilonggos, but we are also citizens of the world. It’s like saying, Ilonggo culture is world class just like any other culture. Our task is to enlighten you about what makes Ilonggo culture, Ilonggo coolturerific!

What makes us credible to do so?

We are:

1. We are aturally born Ilonggos. And we’re made to become Ilonggos, too. Globally competitive Ilonggos for that matter. In turn, everything that we are, and we hope to be is influenced by our being Ilonggos.

2. We are development communicators. We have dedicated our lives in using communication for the greater unfolding of human potentials. This time, we’re helping our kasimanwa (compatriots) achieve their full potentials by promoting the culture that has made the most impacts in their lives.

3. We believe in the power of new media in changing the world. First, by changing our mindset as to the use of this communication tool. It’s not just a medium of expression anymore, it’s now a medium of change. Let’s all make a change because we can!


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