When ‘Lakwasta’ Becomes Worth It

LAKWATSA  IS A Filipino slang which means ‘to wander’ or ‘to rove’, used especially when cutting classes or skipping school. Now in this article, whatever you do right now, drop it and ride with us for we are going to see other must-visit places in Iloilo. Here is your super-awesome itinerary.

First stop:  Fort San Pedro. Also known as Fort Nuestra Señora del Rosario, this fort is one of the easiest landmarks to go to since it is found in the city. Built by the Spaniards to protect the city from foreign invaders during 1600s, Fort San Pedro had witnessed  numbers of attacks by the Dutch, British, American and Japanese troops during the ancient times.

Second stop: Guimbal Watchtowers. To protect themselves during the pre-hispanic era, the people from the town of Guimbal built five watchtowers  in different areas. The watchers looked out for coming Moro pirates who constantly attacked the place, kidnapped the Ilonggos, and sell their captives as slaves in Mindanao. These watchtowers are called bantayan  which literally means “a place for guarding”.

Photo Credit: www.panay.org

Photo Credit: http://www.panay.org

Third stop: Sta. Barbara Golf Course. Who said Iloilo is just nothing but a boring little province? Well, FYI, Sta. Barbara Golf Course is the oldest golf course in the whole Philippines. Although it started to be only a nine-hole course and now 18-hole, visitors definitely love to go and play at this haven.

Fourth stop: Isla de Gigantes. I personally would not believe when I saw and learned about this island on TV. Simply because it is amazing! I mean who would have thought that Iloilo could possess such paradise like the ones from other countries that televisions are talking about! Oh, well, Isla de Gigantes in Carles, Iloilo has astonishing rock formations that you may climb. The breath-taking natural pool or salt lagoon which they call tangke  will then welcome you inside where you may swim, relax, and thank God. I swear!

And if you cannot get enough of the world’s wonders in Iloilo, there are still a number of places to go to. There is the Nadsadjan Falls, Tinagong Dagat, Darangkulan Waterfall, Nagpana Falls, Mt. Napulak, Bucari, Sampunong Bolo Wildlife Sanctuary, Duminding Cave, San Mateo Mountain Spring and there is just so many, many more stops that you could not afford to stop.

So, come to Iloilo because it is when you are done seeing every inch of Iloilo that lakwatsa  becomes all worth it, reasonable and valid.






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