SAOT: Dances of Love

by: Carl Jacinto

ANOTHER ART THAT best mirrors Ilonggo’s vibrant and rich COOLture are folk dances.

These Saot or dances have its own story to tell. Like many other Philippine Folk Dances, Ilonggo Folk dance developed from many inspirations such as rituals of Ilonggo tribes, representations of Ilonggo living in the rural area, or courtship dances influenced by Spanish colonizers.

Here are some of the dances which are indeed cool testimonies of the beautiful and colorful Ilonggo culture.


According to, Paseo de Iloilo was the most sophisticated courtship and flirtation dance of the Spanish Era. This dance portrays the men competing against each other in order to win the heart of a young lady.


One of the folk dances which tells the story of Ilonggo lifestyle in the rural areas.

Today, these dances are still being performed in social gatherings or folk dance competitions.



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