Ilonggo Coolturerific Menu

WHEN PEOPLE GO to somewhere for a vacation, they only want two things: to see the place and to have fun. But when people go to ILOILO, they actually mean to do three: see the place,  have fun,  and EAT  — huge difference, huh? Of course! Experience would not be as memorable without the tasting. Right?

So, why not we look through our Ilonggo menu and get hungry for more Ilonggo cuisine?


Also known as suman  in Tagalog, this native food called pilit  or glutinous rice is mixed with coconut milk and is wrapped with a banana leaf. It is best when dipped in sugar or the lasaw  (a mixture of coconut oil and brown sugar.)

Aside from being famous all throughout Western Visayas, ibus  has won the hearts of other regions in the Philippines. In fact, people put it as a pasalubong  or homecoming present for their friends and loved ones who either have or have yet experienced Iloilo.

Baye Baye

If ibus  makes it to one of the most requested foods from Iloilo, baye baye  sure does not want to stay in its wrapper. Baye baye,  being not too sweet and not too sticky, is made of fresh-from-harvest coconut meat, coconut water, sugar, and pinipig or pounded rice grains.

This is one good Ilonggo food you would irresistibly eat one after another that, surely, you would not want to control yourself with!


Ilonggos love heavy snacks and adding this inday-inday  to our list is just right because like ibus,  it is made of glutinous rice, and flour. However, this Western Visayan snack would not be mouth-watering as it is without the delicious topping.

The topping, in contrast, is made from shredded young coconut meat mixed with muscovado sugar and coconut milk that altogether result to… a dessert called bokayo.  This is then placed on top of our inday-inday  and this is what makes it oh-so satisfying.


Wafers are not only known to children. Thanks to the thinness and crispiness of Iloilo’s barquillos  which prove that these wafer sticks are for adults, too. Barquillos  are made of flour, milk and sugar; so these tasty cylinder-shaped sticks definitely can be eaten along with almost anything served on the table at anytime.


Children may pass on with barquillos,  but with sweet and chewy Ilonggo delicacy like pinasugbo?  No way. Pinasugbo  are thinly sliced native bananas covered with brown sugar and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Bet your kids will keep remembering Iloilo and ask for more pinasugbo!


There is bread and there is butter – always the perfect partners. But what happens when they become one? Well, they become biscocho  which is famous; and the best, when it is from Iloilo.

Why not, when it is a bread toasted and coated with butter (or garlic), milk and sugar? Therefore, there is really not a valid reason for biscocho  not to be popular anywhere in the country.

Pancit Molo

This wanton soup was first combined with molo wrapper, shredded chicken meat and shrimps. Added to the perfect taste of this Ilonggo dish are minced green onions and toasted garlic that your appetite will not deny.We know for a fact that noodles from the Chinese. However, pancit molo  is obviously and totally a different thing since it was prepared a long time ago in Molo, Iloilo City where it got its name.

La Paz Batchoy

If you are visiting Iloilo City and will be going home without eating La Paz Batchoy,  God forbid, you will miss one half of your life!

La Paz Batchoy,  having originated at La Paz, Iloilo City, is just one unforgettable noodle dish all of us keep missing. With its recipe of pork innards, liver, garlic, onion leaves, soy sauce, chicharon, and a little powdered pepper depending on your taste buds; and just by the smell of it, who would say no? Seriously.

Indeed when it comes to Iloilo, there are A LOT to go to. To see, to enjoy, to taste, and to experience. And most especially, to meet people with good taste!



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