The Ilonggos and the Others

THE ILONGGOS FROM 15th century started to recognize the existence of spirit beings in our surroundings. Since it has really been in the Ilonggo culture, Ilonggos are aware of the popular beings called kama-kama  or dwende  (dwarves), kapri  or tikbalang  (centaurs-like that live on the trees and smoke pipes), and among others.

If there were beings that really got into Ilonggo customs and traditions, it would be the tamawo,  encanto  or fairies. They are environmental spirits known to have the ability to transform into humans and live like humans. Also said to be living in balete  trees (lunok  in Hiligaynon), the tamawos  can be identified for having no narrow grooves above their lips despite their fine physical features. But whatever they are and however they look and live their lives, every Ilonggo considers the others  before performing operations that involve nature where they are also believed to inhabit.

Here is a short movie entry during the Iloilo Short Film Competition in 2010.

Sa Lunok (At the Balete Tree)


Serag, S.S.C. (1997) The Remnants of the Great Ilonggo Nation


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